Explainer Videos

Various explainer video animations.

The idea behind explainer videos is to explain complicated topics with simple means.

If you have a product that you want to sell there is no better way than by telling a short, compeling story of how it works and what are the benefits of invesing in it. By creating a explainer video you will surely achieve both of those goals.

Comarch human resources

This is a explainer video made for COMARCH for their human resources department. It’s main goal was to show what the company has to offer to their future employees. I mad all the assets by myself aswell as animating them.

KPMG personalized explainer video

This animation was created for personalized video purposes. It was made, with the fact of creating multiple versions of the intro, in mind.

SNV explainer video

A short animation explaining what SNV is about.

Pfizer – Migren

Flexera Saas Managment explainer video

GetResponse Marketing Automation
explainer videos

Hatiroo – explainer video